I just received TWO job offers! How do I choose?



Congratulations! Take advantage of this opportunity to become a super sleuth.

Research, Dig and Decide! Treat your decision with a high sense of urgency so you don’t compromise or lose either of your offers.

If you haven’t done so already, research the company, the role and the hiring managers.  Ensure that you are comfortable not just with the company, but the team you will be working with, what types of projects you will be on, and what you plan to learn out of the experience. Never use one offer to sweeten the pot of another.

In this unique scenario, I would encourage you to trust your instincts. If you’re a visual person, write out the pros and cons of each offer. Regardless of the decision you make moving forward, always keep in mind that this should be a positive experience for yourself and your potential future employers.

Career Advice from:
Linda Fernandes
Vice President of First Impressions and Recruitment
Marketers on Demand Inc.

Smartest Thing To Do Before An Interview


Common sense plays a role here, however many people miss this vital step before a job interview. Here is a quick refresher:


1) Research the company and the people you are interviewing with.

2) Go through your resume; make sure you’re able to speak about your past experiences or accomplishments.

3) Know why you want the job! Seriously, so many people get this mixed up in their heads. You should want the job for the company, culture, product/service or job opportunity.

Write your thoughts down on paper and review them before your interview. Doing this will keep you confident and better prepared for any questions.

Career Advice from:
Linda Fernandes
Vice President of First Impressions and Recruitment
Marketers on Demand Inc.

Do you have a Career Portfolio?


Great question – do you?
A career portfolio is as simple as that, a collection of your career successes. While a career portfolio isn’t necessary for every position, it’s still the go-to for plenty of corporate positions.

I say to keep it simple and to the point!

1) Create a cover letter – a simple cover letter that is personalized for the job you are applying for

2) Resume – Updated!

3) Letters of recommendation: if possible, limit yourself to letters drafted in the last five years.

4) Degrees / Awards and other recognitions

5) Summary of your 2 top work successes! Nothing too detailed, however a simple point form documentation of what you did, how you did it and why it was so successful. This can also be replaced with a project you loved or had passion for! This is what excites you and the potential employer.

The career portfolio will help you highlight your best skills and best work, while also helping you to keep your interview on track. It can be an indispensable tool when it comes to feeling fully prepared for an interview, so don’t leave home without it!

Career Advice from:
Linda Fernandes
Vice President of First Impressions and Recruitment
Marketers on Demand Inc.

MoD: Your Marketing Matchmaker


We are Marketers on Demand: a staffing agency dedicated to assisting you in the recruitment of creative and marketing professionals. Since 2008, we have strived to provide a specific and unsaturated pool of creative and marketing recruits, creating connections between in-demand professionals and Fortune 500 companies.

What We Do:
We operate on contract, contract to perm, and permanent conditions – whether you are looking for a casual hire, or a long-term employee, our marketing and creative professionals are always on top of trends and in high demand spanning a wide skill-set.

● Contract: Businesses are ever morphing and growing, as are their specific needs at any given time. Professional and knowledgeable contract recruits are available to assist you at any point in your business to fill in any gaps necessary.
● Contract to Permanent: Hiring on a contract to permanent basis allows our clients to work alongside a recruit and determine if they are a positive, suitable, and sustainable fit in their organization.
● Permanent: Because we are a staffing agency based solely on creative and marketing professionals, hiring on a permanent basis is your best option in landing an amazing fit in your search for new faces and skill-sets within your business.

You seek out matchmakers for added confidence when looking for love, why wouldn’t you do the same for your growing creative business? We’re known as Marketing Matchmakers for a variety of reasons, including the following:

● Our range of services ensures that businesses are hiring the creative and marketing professionals that fit best in their organization.
● Because we are dedicated to recruiting only professionals of the highest performance standards, clients can rest assured that they are selecting from a talented pool of individuals.
● We recognize that businesses are always evolving, as are their everyday functions. Having options in how you go about your hiring process is vital to ensuring you are creating positive and meaningful connections within your workplace.

Our Referral Program
The ability to build relationships is a powerful tool in the staffing field, and we believe in nurturing these relationships and continuously participating in the community. We have been busy expanding our professional network through various industry events such as the MoD Bookclub, the American Marketing Association, the Canadian Marketing Association, and more.

If you know of a talented professional looking to expand their workload, or know of a business struggling to find a marketing or creative professional who can fill a gap in their organization, visit us at www.MarketersonDemand.com to create amazing connections with compensation.

Marketers on Demand recognizes the importance of positive networking in the marketing and creative fields. Talented individuals know powerful clients and vice versa.

What Do Prospective Employers Mean by “Fit”?

Our idea of what an office space looks like varies depending on your line of work, where you work, and who you work for. Increasingly, employers are creating spaces and environments which work for their employees, not the other way around as has been the case for so long. Employers are beginning to realize the importance of unity – of hiring employees who work well together. Employees who fit in with the culture that a company strives to stand behind.

What is “Fit”?
While on the market for prospective employees, modern employers are seeking candidates who will fit in best with the company that they’ve worked hard to create and build up. Someone who best represents the ideals of your company, while maintaining the ability to work well and build positive relationships with coworkers.

Being the right fit for a job can mean that perhaps as an extrovert, you’d work well in an open office setting. Or that an employer can provide you with remote working opportunities, as long as you have fantastic correspondence skills both on and offline.



Why Personality Matters in the Workplace
Who you are, and how you come across to prospective employers, says a lot about what sort of job you’ll be able to land. Most employers are looking for individuals who bring certain qualities to their organization. Although you cannot fit any person into one specific category of existence, or a set range of personality traits, you can gauge how that person may perform in a specific workplace culture. Based on who an employee says they are and what they believe makes a good work environment, an employer can determine how well they will mesh in with the existing environment of the organization.

How to Find a Workplace That Fits You.
Take the time to find out if a prospective position requires introverted or extroverted tendencies when finding a work environment that best suits you. Do you work best within a group, or would you rather have your own space to develop ideas and work through them? Do tight time constraints stress you out, or do you thrive under pressure?

Having a clear idea of who you are – and how you do your best work – while searching for a new place of employment helps both yourself and employers who are looking for a fresh face to join their workforce. By knowing where you best fit within an organization, or the type of workplace culture you seek, you can focus your efforts to find a job that welcomes you with open arms.

How to Follow Up Without Being a Stage 5 Clinger

You feel like you’ve nailed the interview, but are thinking a follow-up message may be a nice extra touch. You know, to show your dedication and willingness to become a working professional in an organization. So how do we follow up post-interview without being bombarding or barely-there?

Don’t Draw Out a Follow-Up
The magic 3-day rule doesn’t work for your professional life or dating life for that matter. In a professional setting, a direct follow up after an interview is best placed no more than three days after the initial interview. This time frame ensures that your appearance is still fresh in their mind and that the persons in charge of the hiring process have had enough time to compare various job seekers in order to make the best decision possible.

Be Direct and Gracious
Positive & direct communication is policy when it comes to a friendly follow up. Our words shape who we are – so when we are attempting to reach out to a possible future employer, doing so with a gracious attitude and honest wording is key. Let your interviewer know that you thoroughly enjoyed your time spent discussing professional possibilities.

Be Professional When Reaching Out
Reaching out professionally includes reflection on your interview, and being honest with yourself as to how it went. If you truly believe it went well, you can be a little more forward in your follow-up message. Professionalism includes reviewing and taking all possibilities into consideration, rather than jumping to conclusions.

As for the form of your follow up, try to follow your paper trail and message back your potential employer using the last method of communication they used when reaching out to you. Whether that was via email, a phone call, or perhaps a text message – their chosen method of contact should be respected.

Following up while job hunting in our modern world has become more accessible than ever – and almost necessary to ensure you’re leaving the best impact possible. But if you don’t hear back within a week or two, the chances are that they’ve filled the position, and you can move onto improved possibilities. Chasing down a job through continuous follow-ups doesn’t feel good for anyone involved and can leave you overanalyzing a situation instead of moving forward.

Tips for Building Your Own Personal Brand

Never before have we been able to define ourselves – and what we do – so vividly online as we can now. From long-form blog posts on daily happenings in our businesses to three-second snippets into our lives outside of work, social media has brought us countless platforms on which we can create our personal brand.

Defining and sharing who you are across a wide variety of platforms can be a difficult and confusing process. But don’t stomp on the brakes just yet. Authenticity is the key to developing a genuine personal brand that helps you build valuable connections – both on and offline.


Find Your Niche
The first step to defining yourself online is deciding what purpose you want to claim as your own to share with the world. While sharing a diverse amount of information about yourself over time is important, choosing an authentic purpose for your content is crucial while developing a personal brand. By having a clean and concise view of who you are and what you do, you draw in a specific audience who are genuinely interested in your brand – and therefore, what you are saying.

Cultivate Your Voice
Finding your personal voice online comes through continuity and practice. By building up a continuous online presence, you can gain confidence in your words, and the relationships you are nurturing. Online, readers are looking for quick summaries – and even quicker answers – for any questions they may have. Developing a unique voice which holds true from day to day grasps the attention of readers, and cultivates a sense of authenticity and trust.

Choose a Platform Which Works for You
Depending on what purpose your personal brand is serving, having an idea of what sort of social media platform best portrays your lifestyle is key. If you have a knack for taking amazing photos, tie them together with small and honest descriptions on Instagram. If you’re better with words than other creative means, perhaps using text-based platforms such as Twitter, Medium, or Tumblr would best aid you in developing your persona. Having a single go-to social media account is now easier than ever, with user-friendly apps available that can help you schedule and share your content on multiple platforms.

Once we take the time to sit down and thoroughly think about our purpose online – that is, what we can provide to others simply by being present – we can develop an authentic personal brand which best represents who we are.

Research, Research and More Research Prior to Your Interview

You know you have the qualifications and professional attitude to be considered for the job of your dreams. You submit your professional documents, an eloquently written cover letter, and land an interview. Now what? Being prepared for an interview could be the difference between landing this job and getting left in the dust. Thorough research is best practice to stand out from the crowd and nail your interview.

Research the Organization
Before anything else, find out who the company is that you’re interviewing for. Research their exact purpose, and try to hypothesize the best way that you would positively summarize their business. As job seekers, we want to leave a lasting impression on our interviewers. Having a well-developed answer to the typical “Can you tell me what you know about our organization?” question will have you rated above-par right out of the gate.

Research What the Company Stands For
Once you have a fine-tuned idea of how an organization defines themselves, research why they define themselves in the way they do. Many companies have a mission statement – a statement of purpose – which will completely define their morals and intended results as a business. This document is key in your research so you can enter the interview confidently, backed by the knowledge that you are aligned with their business manifesto.

Another key area to do a little bit of research on is the organization’s social media accounts. Most businesses will do some sort of marketing on one platform or another. Through these accounts, you will have an inside glance of the material a company works on, and how they are benefiting the world around them.

Thoroughly Review the Job Description
The job description and posting is most likely how you got your foot in the door for an interview in the first place. This write-up will give you a rough outline as to what the company is expecting of a new employee – and supplies some hints as to what sort of questions will be posed in an interview.

Review the job description thoroughly. Look for the desired qualifications, assets, and requirements, and ensure you enter the interview with any required documents or necessary proof of your skills. The job posting will also help you make a game plan as to what qualifications you want to highlight when speaking of your experiences or skill-set.

Being well versed in what exactly a specific business seeks in their employees will give you a step up on your fellow interviewees. Research may just be the key to your success.

Top Three Reasons Why You Should Work with a Recruiter



#1 Avoid Overexposure

NOT only does the team at Marketers on Demand (MoD)  have an incredible network, but we work directly with hiring managers. Partnering with MoD, you avoid sending your resume to the wrong people, and instead you join the advantage of making valuable connections.

#2 Stand Out Amongst the Crowd

Have you ever heard the saying; “There are lots of other fish in the sea?” Well when it comes to the job market this is usually the case. Here at MoD, we not only offer suggestions on ways to improve your resume, online portfolio’s and/or professional social media pages, but we give you insight on what the hiring manager is looking for. We help present you in the most pleasing way possible, and then prepare you for all future meetings and interviews.

#3 Connect with Leading Companies

We work with some of the most elite clients in Canada and the US. The reason they need us to assist in their recruitment process is because of the generous amount of applications they receive daily. We have spent time with the hiring managers building solid relationships which allow us the opportunity to select top tier talent.

Talent Video – Yes or No?



Marketers on Demand  is always on the leading edge of all things “fun” and we wanted to know your opinion on having a video submission with your resume.

We always suggest to keep the video under 90 seconds and the talent would do the video at home (so no pressure, no overhead lighting :) and many edits!

Please let us know your thoughts as a talent or client and if you think this would be a welcome addition to attach to your resume submission.

As always please take a look at Marketers on Demand’s Job Board for our new jobs.



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