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Making a Graceful Exit

There are many reasons for you to move on to new opportunities and quit your current job. For example, it may not be challenging enough, the culture may not be a good fit, the commute is long, the pay is low, and maybe you just need a more exciting opportunity. Although quitting is in your best interest, doing it in a professional manner provides long run benefits to you. First, make sure your next opportunity...

Eliminate Failure With Perseverance

Perseverance is a virtue that does not come naturally to everyone. It needs to be continually cultivated and nourished in order to fully develop. In my career, I have had the exciting opportunity to meet a diverse range of people. An intriguing difference between these individuals is their ability to succeed or not succeed. Upon reflection, I have concluded that the main contributing factor to their success has been their perseverance to keep moving forward despite...

Visualize Your Success

“You’re hired.” The two little words that can change our lives forever. Before the job interview, visualize the hiring manager making the decision to hire you and the call you’re going to get from us confirming that you got your dream position. The calls you’re going to be making to your loved ones telling them the incredible news. You achieved it. “Every Battle is won or lost before it’s ever fought” – Sun Tzu. When...

Resumés Are Your First Impression

During any hiring process, a hiring manager or recruiter can review anywhere from 1 to 200 resumes per day. That’s incredibly intimidating for any hopeful applicant. People tend to think that the first impression you make with a company is when you meet a company representative in person. Everyone initially thinks that first impressions are all about the firm handshake or inviting smile. Truth is, the first impression is your resume. It’s the first thing...

Values of A Great Recruiter

What comes to mind when you hear the word Recruiter? A headhunter? Someone who fills jobs? Someone who sources candidates? Someone who religiously posts on LinkedIn? The recruitment industry has changed over the years. You have your big-name enterprises and your smaller boutique or specialty agencies, like Marketers on Demand. One thing remains consistent among them: a great recruiter or recruitment team! So now on to the more important question or topic of the day:...

Image Is Everything

You’ve likely said or heard the above phrase before in some context at some point in time.  That being said, it is not a cliché.  It is not a platitude.  Image is Everything earns exclusion from those ever growing laundry lists due to the fact that it is just that:  A fact. People who represent organizations (from start-ups to enterprises) are largely dependent on their reputation and directly correlated with their success and failure.  Their...