Job description

I'm not going to give you another boring, dull job description because this client is definitely not boring or dull.
I will confess that this is one of my favorite clients and if I didn't love my job so much I would have applied!

We are looking for someone who can manage and assess all marketing campaigns for a Global client.  You would manage the specialists in email marketing, SEO, Social Media, event and mass advertising and analyze the ROI.  Your previous experience in strategic planning through results of measured media would help drive the ongoing marketing plans. 
That's as boring as this is going to the fun part!!!
Must be a leader, creative, passionate, optimistic and energized and have 6+ years of related marketing experience.   The job is permanent, located in the core of Toronto and offers benefits, bonuses etc. and offers the most exciting product to market!

Don’t miss out on a challenging and rewarding opportunity, or at least the best interview ever! If you are interested or you know of someone who might be (MoD offers an amazing referral fee) please contact “The MoD Director” at