Alternative Marketing/Creative Solutions:

MoD recognizes not all marketing and creative projects play out according to plan.  We have developed a full suite of staffing solutions which enable your organization to execute initiatives ahead of time, budget and the competition.

MoD Options:


Sometimes, your immediate needs do not require a permanent hire. MoD recognizes that there are special situations that need a “perhaps” or “maybe” clause making contract terms your best option. These situations are best suited for short-term marketing and creative initiatives such as: new product launches, special projects and skill gaps in your department. We offer a cost-effective solution where you pay for additional resources only as you need them.

As MoD specializes in only the Marketing and Creative vertical, we are constantly increasing our roster of high quality talent to supplement your company’s internal resources. From brand management, project management, event planning, designers to copywriters—our company is your connection to the best interim resources.

Contract to Permanent

The impossible hire, the jack of all trades, the person who does it all!
Or do they? Contract to Perm is a program that allows clients to ‘test drive’ our talent without adding headcount to their corporate departments. A talent will be placed with a company without the risk of a full-time commitment. Clients are empowered to evaluate performance, productivity and cultural fit before making a permanent and costly commitment. Together, contract to permanent staffing and in-sourcing can solve virtually every hiring dilemma your team may encounter.


Direct hire is the traditional staffing solution organizations rely on to build their departmental architecture.
Whether you are increasing your department size to keep up with business growth, looking to add new skill capabilities or simply require more hands on deck to maintain control of ‘run rate’ business operations, Permanent hires are your best option.

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