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Do you have a Career Portfolio?

Great question – do you? A career portfolio is as simple as that, a collection of your career successes. While a career portfolio isn’t necessary for every position, it’s still the go-to for plenty of corporate positions. I say to keep it simple and to the point! 1) Create a cover letter – a simple cover letter that is personalized for the job you are applying for 2) Resume – Updated! 3) Letters of recommendation:...

Smartest Thing To Do Before An Interview

Common sense plays a role here, however many people miss this vital step before a job interview. Here is a quick refresher: BE PREPARED! How? 1) Research the company and the people you are interviewing with. 2) Go through your resume; make sure you’re able to speak about your past experiences or accomplishments. 3) Know why you want the job! Seriously, so many people get this mixed up in their heads. You should want the...

I just received TWO job offers! How do I choose?

Congratulations! Take advantage of this opportunity to become a super sleuth. Research, Dig and Decide! Treat your decision with a high sense of urgency so you don’t compromise or lose either of your offers. If you haven’t done so already, research the company, the role and the hiring managers. Ensure that you are comfortable not just with the company, but the team you will be working with, what types of projects you will be on,...

MoD: Your Marketing Matchmaker

We are Marketers on Demand: a staffing agency dedicated to assisting you in the recruitment of creative and marketing professionals. Since 2008, we have strived to provide a specific and unsaturated pool of creative and marketing recruits, creating connections between in-demand professionals and Fortune 500 companies. What We Do: We operate on contract, contract to perm, and permanent conditions – whether you are looking for a casual hire, or a long-term employee, our marketing and...

What Do Prospective Employers Mean by ‘Fit’?

Our idea of what an office space looks like varies depending on your line of work, where you work, and who you work for. Increasingly, employers are creating spaces and environments which work for their employees, not the other way around as has been the case for so long. Employers are beginning to realize the importance of unity – of hiring employees who work well together. Employees who fit in with the culture that a...

How to Follow Up Without Being a Stage 5 Clinger

You feel like you’ve nailed the interview, but are thinking a follow-up message may be a nice extra touch. You know, to show your dedication and willingness to become a working professional in an organization. So how do we follow up post-interview without being bombarding or barely-there? Don’t Draw Out a Follow-Up The magic 3-day rule doesn’t work for your professional life or dating life for that matter. In a professional setting, a direct follow...