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Marketers on Demand Top Growing Companies

Marketers on Demand is One of Canada’s Top Growing Companies!

Marketers on Demand is pleased to announce that we were listed in the Globe and Mail inaugural Report on Business ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies. The Canada’s Top Growing Companies ranking program aims to celebrate entrepreneurial achievement in Canada by identifying and amplifying the success of growth-minded, independent businesses in Canada. About Marketers on Demand Marketers on Demand is a boutique full-service marketing staffing agency that was established in 2008. Since our inception, we...

3 LinkedIn Profile Do’s and Don’ts from Expert Recruiters

LinkedIn has over 300 million users and is the top professional networking platform online. Whether you’re looking to move up in your industry or start a new career altogether, it can be a massively helpful tool. Recruiters say that your profile is the number one reason they either contact you or move on to another candidate. Unfortunately, there are some major, and common, profile mistakes that can deter new opportunities. Expert recruiters weighed in and...

We Take a Look at the New Trend of Hybrid Job Roles

What are Hybrid Job Roles? It wasn’t very long ago that having one skill and utilizing it could get you very far. Especially if that skill was a highly sought after technical skill, such as a social media strategist or a data analyst. But, as the face of the workforce is changing, so is the role of the worker. Excelling in one area isn’t cutting it anymore as employers favour candidates that have a cross-section...

Job Skills That Are in Demand

One of the best things that you can do to improve your earning potential is to develop new skills and improve on the ones you already have. But you can’t pick just any skill to develop – you have to focus on skills that employers are looking for. You probably know people – friends and family – that are looking for a job but not having an easy time with it. But did you know...

Five Tips for Finding A Career Mentor

If taking your career to the next level is important to you, then one of the best things that you can do is find a career mentor – you know, someone who has been where you want to go and who can give you advice on how to get there. There are many successful professionals out there who would be happy to take someone under their wing, but sometimes finding the right person can be...

Why Building Your Personal Brand Can Help Your Career

The term “personal brand’ has become a bit of a catch phrase in recent years, and you may be wondering exactly what it means to have or build a personal brand and how much it really matters to your career. The fact is that the idea of personal brand is nothing new. In trying to determine what made individuals unique, social scientist Erving Goffman coined the term “self presentation” in the 1950s. He defined it...